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Robert Burns performs traditional Scottish and Irish tunes on the Great Highland Bagpipe for hire, busking, and for pleasure individually, in sessions, and as a member of the Cameron Highlanders Pipe Band. His primary piping interests are auld-style Scotch and Irish stepdance tunes (the ceol beag), haunting Celtic song airs (the ceol meadhonach), the auld-style great music (the ceol mor, informally known as “piobaireachd” below) of the pipes, composing, performing with non-piper musicians and singers, and busking which he does frequently with a djembe & conga player. Robert Burns proudly competes with a set of Strathmore pipes and silver-soled chanter made by Murray Henderson and has a set of Naill pipes adapted to play with a replica of a 1785 black Kintail chanter made by Hamish Moore keyed to A@440MHz for playing with other musicians and with greater tonal quality.




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